Saturday, 31 August 2013

How to make dry shampoo at home and how to make a Honey face mask for acne

Hello Beauties!

Beauty is pretty expensive these days with the quality of products linked to high price tags. It can defiantly be a lot pricey than how it used to at least a decade ago. DIY’s are a great way to save money and also to pamper yourself often than how you would have earlier with store bought products. There are still great products on budget which works and you can get off the shelf but since you know what exactly that’s going in the DIY its always safe.

DIY Honey face mask to get brighter glowing skin 

This mask is great for those with any type of skin especially acne prone! Honey is a natural antibacterial which removes deep seated bad bacteria and leaves in the ones needed for your skin to be hydrated. You cannot just slap the honey on your face and expect it to work. You need to prep your skin beforehand.

Step 1 tie tour hair back and wash your face well removing all the impurities. Then steam your face to open up the pores.
Step 2 smear a teaspoon of honey all over your face and massage your face. If you feel it’s hard to smear then apply little water before hand all over your face.
Step 3 leave this mask on for about 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water and moisturize afterwards.

Use this mask for about 2 weeks at least twice a day.

DIY dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is one of the greatest inventions for hair! It can definitely solve the issue of bad hair days in no time. If you’re too lazy for all these try baby powder! It’s a simple dry shampoo to absorb the oils in your hair.
Now for this DIY, you need:

1-Six drops of your favourite essential oil or lemon
2-Two tablespoons or corn starch
3-Two tablespoons of rice flour

Mix them all up and store them in a shaker like a salt shaker so that you can use them often. Dry shampoos suck up excess oils and also volumize your hair from the roots. You definitely need to try this!
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  1. Woww wonderful tips at home..
    using dry shampoo is a nice idea..