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Easy & DIY Methods to Tame Frizzy Hair

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Few things are more frustrating than watching your coiffed hair gradually blur out into a frizzy, poofy mess. Frizz can be brought on by damage caused by heat or protein-stripping products, the natural texture of your hair, and our personal favorite and equal opportunity frizz-producer: humidity. In the continued war against frizzy, unruly hair, we’ve put together a list of the best simple and DIY methods worth trying before the next humid day gets the best of your locks and looks.

Avoid Alcohol Products
Products that contain alcohol tend to dry out your hair leading to breakage, a lackluster appearance and yes, frizz. So check your hair product labels and chuck ones with alcohol. 

Use Products with Polymers & Silicone
Tons of hair products promise to tame frizz, but focus on looking for conditioners, leave-in treatments, styling products, etc. that say they contain polymers or silicone on the label (often listed in the forms of PVP Copolymer and dimethicone, respectively, on the label).
Polymers and silicone coat your hair to help keep your style in place and also act as barriers between your hair strands and the outside moisture that causes frizzy, poofy, unkempt hair. While they aren’t perfect, polymers and silicone will help to reduce frizz caused by humidity.

Condition the Ends 
Make sure that the ends of your hair (the driest and frizziest part of your mane) get conditioned well to help them lay smooth rather than pop out. 

When you’re in the shower, apply your conditioner starting at the ends of your hair and then work the product up toward your scalp. Or, you can instead use a leave-in conditioner for an added barrier—after showering, apply the conditioner starting at the ends and working your way up.

Cool Wash
Frizz happens when the cuticle of your hair is open or raised. The flatter the cuticle lays, the healthier and shinier your hair looks. One way you can keep the cuticle flat is to blast your hair with cold water right after you condition, just before you get out of the shower. 

T-Shirt Dry
It’s best to let your hair air-dry—the heat from blow-drying damages your hair, causing it to get even frizzier. 
But don’t be tempted to reach for a towel to speed up the air-drying process: Too much friction can aggravate the cuticle of the hair, ruining that cold wash you just endured for frizz-free, shiny hair. 

Instead of using a thick, rough towel, dry hair with a clean, soft t-shirt by twisting the hair within the shirt. Do not rub up and down at the scalp or the ends as this can damage the cuticle and lead to even more frizz. 

If you’re air-drying your hair over night, you can also wrap your hair in the t-shirt while you sleep. 

Tie-It Back
If your hair gets poofy after you’ve just blow-dried it, loosely tie it back in a low bun and let it out when you get to your destination or right before you leave your home. This will help smooth out and tame down frizz. And pulling your hair back low and loosely won’t indent it like a ponytail will.

Avoid Brushing
If your hair tends to be frizzy, the best thing you can do is to not brush it. Brushing dry hair can stretch out the hair cuticle, while brushing wet hair can damage the hair shaft leading to hair loss. It’s best to just gently comb your fingers through your hair or use a wide-tooth comb to distribute conditioner if you need to. 

Skip Shampoos
Washing your hair everyday can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to maintain a healthy, frizz-free appearance. Instead, rinse hair with water, rub your scalp and roots to stimulate the area (this will help prevent it from clogging with oils), and apply conditioner (starting at the ends), then rinse.

Or, skip the water entirely and use a dry shampoo at the roots to give your hair body and soak up unwanted oil. 

Frizz often shows first at the ends of your hair, leaving hair looking dry and unhealthy, even when it’s not. So mix up a little re-conditioner to keep it in-check. (Note: These tricks are also great for controlling those pesky fly-aways.)

In your palm, squeeze a dime size amount of conditioner and add water until it is a thin consistency. Apply the mix to the ends of your dry hair (make sure to be really careful if you're applying it near your scalp, as you don’t want your hair to look oily or unwashed!). This should not make your hair soaking wet, but just wet enough to help the ends lay down. Now let your hair dry fully. 

Another option: simply apply some coconut oil to your dry hair. Dab just a small bit on your fingers, and run it into your hair, applying first to the tips and then working your way midway up (go easy near your scalp—you don’t want to look oily, plus coconut oil can be pore clogging and cause breakouts in some). 

Deep Condition: Avocado + Olive Oil Hair Mask
Frizzy hair tends to need more moisture than regular hair, so a weekly moisturizing mask can be exceptionally beneficial. There are several hair masks you can apply to frizzy hair, but this one with avocado and olive oil is particularly helpful. Avocado and olive oil add moisture to help smooth frizziness, and olive oil also helps act as an emollient to keep your hair moisturized. 
Mash up one avocado and mix in a splash of olive oil. Shampoo your hair first, then apply the mask, starting at the tips of your hair and working it generously up to your scalp. Slip on a shower cap and let your hair absorb all the nutrients for 30 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, rinse and condition as normal. 

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  1. I like the T shirt idea. will try it and see if it works

  2. Great tips, I do most of these as I wear my hair naturally curly in the summer and only flat iron in the winter months. Thanks for always stopping by and checking out my posts I really appreciate all the support.

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