Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ali Express Haul !

Hello Beauties!

Today i am gonna to show you all my shopping from Ali Express

Have a look...

 If you are in need of some new accessories you definitely need to check out 
The site has  some beautiful pieces at a low cost!  So if you are on a tight budget this will be 
great for you because not only are the prices great but most times the shipping is free. Also, 
they have a lot of other great inexpensive things to purchase on the site like clothing, house 
ware and electronics. Anyways, check out my haul to give you an idea of the quality and prices on some of their items .Aliexpress is basically a Chinese ebay; there are a ton of sellers, some selling the same item.Many sellers have different times it may take for purchase to take effect; processing times, and also shipping times. The free shipping I had was through packet or China post mail. It tells you under order status on your account when the payment date is, shipment sent, and shows you what you ordered and the price of the item at that time. 

It was shipped within a few days, and took about 4 weeks to arrive.

                                                    Front side Ribbon Collar Bib Necklace
                                                                      Price: $3.29
Back Side

Front Side Geometry Multilayer Necklace
Price: $2.05

Back Side
Front Side Hair Bun 
Price: $ 6.29
Back Side
Hair Comb
Price: $3.10

PU Leather Clutch
Price: $6.40

Inner Side

I hope you Enjoy my Shopping Haul from Ali Express :) Don't Forget to comment sweets  love you all :)                                                                                                                        
                                                                                               ♥ Afsana ♥


  1. Nice haul i really like this Multilayer Necklace.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Nice haul. I like that hair comb.

  3. Nice haul, i always thought this might be a fake website, however seeing ur haul builds a trust !

    1. No sis its not a fake website its a huge website with so many sellers you just only need to find right rated seller :)