Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Nail Art Stamping Kit From Born pretty Store Review

Hello Beauties!

Today I’m going to review about a Nail Art Stamping Kit I order from Born pretty Store.This set was one of my first sets of plates and I could not be happier. I have enjoyed many hours using and playing with the different plates and have not had any problems. Great products.

Nail Art Stamping Kit

How to Use:

Firsly Apply top coat and let it dry completly and then apply your favorite nail paint and then let it dry again then apply nail paint to the palate then used scraper to remove excess nail polish In my opinion, the most important step is the scraping- I scrape very fast!!!
Also, on scraping, you need to perfect the pressure that you scrape with. Too hard and you will remove too much polish from the indented image on the plate but too soft and there will be excess polish around the image. I scrape at an approximately 45 degree angle (a smaller angle is better than larger).
After picking up the design on your stamp, before you transfer to your nail, always check that you have picked up the whole image, and don't have excess polish. When stamping the plate to pick up the image I press straight down once.
When stamping onto my nail I both roll the stamper from one side of my nail to the other, while simultaneously rolling my nail over the stamper.
Practice Practice Practice!!! Practice makes perfect they say.... Don't give up straight away if it doesn't work the first time. Also, with more practice you will get faster at the whole process, which tends to improve the quality of the stamping..... and of course saves you time. Other than a plain coat of polish, this is (for me) the quickest easiest nail art.

I hope you like my review so dont forget to comment and used my 10% off code (AFSW10) and avail 10% Discount from Born Pretty Store :)
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  1. Loveee your mani .. you perfectly nailed the art of stamping .. btw which brand's nail polish you have used for stamping ?

    1. Thank you so much :-) i used silver opi nail polish in base and revlon nail polish for stamping :-) Thanks for visiting :-)

  2. wow nice review , i love stamping nail art but i can't do like you ;(

  3. nice review dear....,
    I have it too but it takes forever to get what design I want ......

  4. wow it looks great .nice post hon:)

  5. Wow your nails look so beautiful.