Thursday, 23 October 2014

ORGLOW Organic Face Brightening Mask Review

Hello Beauties!

Today I’m going to review about an organic face mask One of the most popular Skin products ever, i saw already so many reviews.

ORGLOW by SALINA cosmetics:

Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask. Brightens Tightens Whitens by SALINA Cosmetics for all skin types Its hand made and 100% natural . Made in Pakistan.

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask

How to use:
The process is pretty simple and basic. Take a spoonful of yogurt, for myself, I take 1/2 table spoon of yogurt and mix a little more than a pinch of the mask, add two drops of glycerin and mix them well with a brush. Since my skin is combination, I was skipping glycerin in the beginning and ended up having a dry skin. Then I started added glycerin and the dryness from my skin has totally vanished. For people with oily skins it is advised to add a few drops of rose water. I have replaced yogurt with milk, cream and egg and the results have been astonishing. It seems there has been no end to my experimentation with this product. When I have ample time on my hands I prefer mixing the mask in egg white and applying it on my face to get a tightening feeling. 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask

My Experience:

Today I am going to share my thoughts about this product orglow mask.I believe neither they will cause any harm to my skin nor make it worse. I have an combination skin therefore, I am very careful using products on my face. This product has worked wonderfully on my face it does not irritate my skin or create redness or a rash. My face feels wonderful, nice, soft and clean. and i am very happy to see the results even after first wash. & Highly recommend

Price: 850 

You can order it online from the Orglow Facebook & Here

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